To create a new Networking Hub from your Introvoke Admin Dashboard:

  1. Click "+ Add New Networking Hub".

  2. Select the name for your Networking Hub.

  3. Create and name as many circles as you want. You can also add circle sizes (minimum 2; maximum 100).

  4. Reorder your circles in the order you'd like them to appear for your Attendees.

  5. Click "Save".

When creating Circles, you also have the ability to add logos. To do so - you will simply select the 'Upload Logo' button when creating each circle and choose the image file straight from your device!

Once you create a new Networking Hub, you will see a number of options that you can configure in the Network Hub Settings section when editing:

Hide Pagination: This will give you the option to have all the Circles within your Networking Hub on one single-page and will require you and your attendees to scroll through, opposed to creating pages of Circles.

Hide Chat: This will give you the option to hide the Event chat from each Circle. Keep in mind that the Circle chat and Private Chat are still accessible to your presenters and attendees.

Hide Random User Mingle: This will allow you to disable the option to mingle with a random attendee for your attendees and presenters. Those at your event will still have the option to mingle random Circle within your Networking Hub

Once you have created your Networking Hub to your liking, you are ready to embed it directly onto your site! Check out these articles for embedding in your website builder of choice.

To link an existing Networking Hub to your Virtual Stage, follow these instructions.

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