You're embedding Introvoke components in Splash – great!

First, in your Introvoke Admin Dashboard:

  1. Go to a Virtual Stage or Networking Hub that you created, and click on Embed Info. (For more information on creating a Virtual Stage, click here; and for more information about creating a Networking Hub, click here.)

  2. Turn on Access Passcodes if you have not already.

  3. Copy the HTML snippet.

Then, in your Splash page builder:

  1. Add a custom HTML widget by clicking "Custom Embed">"Embed Options" button in the Virtual Content section of your page builder.

  2. Select "Custom Embed Code", and paste the HTML snippet from your Admin Dashboard.

  3. Click "Save Changes".

That's it! Save and refresh your page, and you'll be able to start hosting your experience right away.

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